A curveball, but not a distraction

be all in on your choice

Day 2 of my two-week recalibration journey. This is a process and every moment today I found myself confronted with an A/B choice.  A test to see if I was all in or not.  I could either allow myself to get sucked into a customer support problem that came up at 7:14 AM on a website I’m helping manage or choose time with my family.  Previously I would have chosen the website issue and fit my family in the margins.  It’s so important – the customer called with an urgent issue! People have serious questions about a product and if not answered they say it will have a real impact on sales. Must stop and fix, now.

Or maybe not. Maybe there are others who don’t have the same problem and we can address this person’s concerns in the flow of the day?  Maybe I need to consider all my responsibilities and not inflate this one over the other spheres of life I live in?

Today I chose my family and supported the problem in the margins. As a result, I played piano with my 1 yr old on my lap, flew my drone with my son, took my 7 yr old to basketball practice and allowed my wife to have some alone time while I hung out with the kids…and the customer support problem is resolved.

I’m writing this blog later in the day than I would like. Why is that noteworthy? It’s seriously the most stressful issue I had today because I chose correctly.

Today, I spent time doing the following:

  1. Morning coffee with my wife
  2. Abbreviated morning meditation and reading time
  3. All the 3 meals with my family
  4. Supported a customer service issue
  5. Exercised for 30 mins on elliptical and 15 mins on strength training
  6. Updated a few remaining addresses that were lingering since our move in Sept – this felt REALLY good
  7. Special hangout time with my son
  8. Basketball practice with my 7 yr old
  9. Evening wind down and catch up with my wife
  10. End of day recap

What I liked about today:

  • Lots of time with my youngest children
  • Gave my wife an opportunity to get out of the house and do a few things alone
  • Fit exercise into a busy day
  • 2 times I baby sat the youngest children while the older children had different activities
  • The freedom to choose the important over the urgent

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