It’s a choice, not an accident

Today I thought I’d have the energy to begin a creative effort on some marketing concepts I’ve been tossing around in my head for a few weeks but when it came time to sit down and begin penciling them out I felt a resistance.  I just wasn’t ready yet.

Instead I chose to have a longer morning time of reading and meditation on scripture, get some bills paid and exercise.  I use a Chrome browser add-in called Momentum…it’s great way to help bring focus to the day.  It asks one question: what’s your goal for the day.  Typically I write tasks but today I wrote: Rest.  I wanted that to take priority over getting things done (#gtd).  Or maybe it’s in the midst of #gtd. Regardless, as I write this recap on the day I just feel successful with the goal.  I got stuff done, just not what I’m used to doing.  It’s a question of where am I placing value, and therein lies the choice.  Interesting.

I’ve always had a desire to exercise more but never made the choice to keep it a priority.  I’m not really sure why other than I just didn’t make it a habit early on in my life so in adulthood it was that much harder to fit into the routine.  I do feel a lot better after a good workout.

It snowed almost 6 inches today so I didn’t want to get out and go to the gym but I knew I wanted to keep my mini exercise streak going.  I found and after I created a free profile I got 10 free exercise videos.  The first one was called Soldier with Nicky Hollander.


35 mins of intense plyometrics (plyo), high intensity interval training (HIIT), and strength training. This is not something I’m used to AT ALL but by the end I felt amazing.  I was able to do it right in my house, it was great.  This evening I played basketball with my oldest brother and some of his friends in a local gym.  It was so good to get back on the court.

I had more time today with my son.  He discovered my mini drone. I was amazed at how quickly he figured it out and how responsible he was with it.  He must have recharged the batter 6 or 7 times. Tons of fun.

Today, I spent time doing the following:

  1. Morning coffee and reading/devotional with my wife
  2. Reading and scripture-based meditation
  3. All 3 meals with the family
  4. 35 mins of plyo, HIIT and strength training, 2 hrs of basketball
  5. 25 mins in the sauna
  6. Playing with my son and the mini drone
  7. Snow blowing the driveway
  8. Wind down time with family – watched some Olympics
  9. In-home date night with wife after the kids were in bed.  Our version of Valentines Day.
  10. End of day recap

What I liked about today:

  • Watching my son play with the mini drone
  • The choices I made to exercise vs give into the tension.  I just don’t have to do the creative stuff yet
  • Playing basketball
  • Watching the kids open their Valentine’s presents
  • Extending reading time in the morning
  • Eating meals with my family
  • Using a neighbors snow blower for the 6″ of heavy, wet snow.  Back saver!


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