Wrapping it up

Overall these past two weeks have had a great impact on me.  While two weeks is not a lot of time to make life changing habits, most habits do require minimum 3 – 4 weeks to get established, by writing a post each day it’s held me accountable to what I hold most important.  Looking back on the posts I’m thrilled by what I did and what I did not do.  Sometimes what I say no to is more important than what I say yes to.

Here’s what I did every day:

  1. morning devotions with my wife
  2. at least 2 meals with my family (and typically all 3)
  3. one form of working out
  4. biblical meditation

These are great pillars I look forward to continuing.

Other things I’m grateful for:

  1. my solo day away, very refreshing
  2. doing the hard, intense workouts from livestrong.com
  3. slowly making the transition out of my previous job and into a new one
  4. a lot of sauna time

I’m off now to an overnight men’s retreat to close out the two-week recalibration.  Grateful.

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