Snowshoeing Mt Spokane

This was a great day.  Woke up without an alarm again – though a bit later than usual.  It all worked out, still got my coffee and devotional time with my wife, before heading on on a solo ‘day away’.  Had the privilege to summit Mt. Spokane on a clear blue day before the clouds rolled in.


All alone at the top of a mountain puts so much in perspective.  I was left with a great sense of awe of creation, gratefulness for the opportunity to recalibrate and a deep appreciation for all the many people who have supported me and helped me throughout my career.  I’m energized for this next phase.

Today, I spent time doing:

  1. morning coffee and devotion with my wife
  2. snowshoeing
  3. sauna
  4. basketball

What I liked about today:

  • That my wife and I both made it a priority to get time together even though we started the day a bit later than we’d like
  • snowshoeing and reaching the summit of Mt Spokane
  • hanging with my big brother playing ball
  • regrouping at the end of the day with my wife
  • tucking my kids into bed

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