Mr Science and the Pilgrim’s

My routine is going well except for one thing – I’m not getting to bed as early as I thought I would.  I’ve been able to stick to my morning schedule every day this week.  Tomorrow I go to a men’s group, so I’ll start different.  Maybe next week I’ll purpose to also stick to my evening routine.

Today I thought more about what is next.  Dreamed a bit with my wife during our morning devotional about how our life could look for the next 5-10 years.  We always enjoy these discussions but now that the canvas is clean it’s interesting to see how the conversation open ups.  There are more possibilities, and some things we turn away from.

Started writing out a framework of what the next 5 years could look like. 


For several years now, we have penciled in an extended trip in 2020 to Plymouth and the East Coast for the 400 year anniversary of the Pilgrim’s landing, so that’s on the calendar.

But how we do we prepare for that trip?  How do we build an income stream(s) between now and then so we can be on the road for up to a year?  I love all the thinking around financial independence (Mad Fientist is my favorite, along with Mr Money Mustache) but honestly I haven’t heard one example of someone who has reached FI before 40 and has more than 2 children, so that’s just not realistic.

I was able to be Mr. Science teacher today with the kids.  We looked at pollen under the microscope. Pretty awesome to witness their excitement as they look through the microscope. Next week we’re looking at apple cells and I plan on giving a short lesson on the life of an apple- from seed to tree to fruit.

Today, I spent time doing the following:

  1. Morning devotional and dreaming with my wife
  2. personal devotional and scripture-based meditation
  3. Phone call with friend from Seattle
  4. 45 min exercise with Nicky Hollander – refuel workout after yesterday’s HIIT workout
  5. Science lesson with kids
  6. Emailing and copywriting for website I’m managing and business venture I’m involved in. Still limited but had mental space to be effective and worked quickly
  7. Integrated PT for myself and oldest daughter
  8. Dinner and dessert with my siblings and spouses
  9. End of day recap

What I liked about today:

  • Dreaming about the future with my wife
  • Exercised from home again
  • Being a part of the kids homeschool day
  • Helping my daughter pick out birthday presents for two of her sisters
  • Dinner date with my siblings (great perk for living in the same city as family, and grateful for a family who enjoys spending time together)

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