It’s a long weekend and this morning I read this post on Business Insider 17 things successful people do over long weekends to see just how successful of a person I am.  Good news, I hit all the one’s I agree with 🙂

  • I planned ahead with my wife to ensure we do both fun/adventurous activities and accomplish important items on our to-do list.
  • I’ve spent very little time on my phone, basically just taking pictures of my time sledding with the kids
  • Spent all day with family
  • I exercised, and even had a workout partner today
  • workoutpartner
  • Got outdoors for a lot of the morning and again in the evening

Today’s workout was a repeat from Day 1. At first I wondered why he would repeat it so soon, but by the end I knew why.  I saw an improvement in my stamina and strength – nice positive feeling going into a rest day tomorrow.  I may be moving my workouts from my office to the play room as all the kids are showing interest to do this with me.  That is so cool.

Went furniture shopping as we consider how to layout our main family.  Also talked a lot about building an indoor play gym for the kids, something like this or this.  Part of my oldest daughters PT is to do monkey bars, but that’s impossible to do outdoors in the winter.

Today, I spent time doing the following:

  1. Morning coffee and devotional with my wife
  2. all 3 meals with the family
  3. sledding with all the kids but the youngest
  4. 35 mins of plyo and HIIT workout
  5. 25 mins of sauna
  6. shopping
  7. watching Olympics
  8. end of day recap

What I liked about today:

  • Receiving a text of encouragement from an old friend
  • sledding with the kids
  • completing 4 straight days of Nick Hollanders workouts
  • Dreaming about home improvements
  • Very little screen time



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