Week 2 – Day 1

Today reminded me why I appreciate Michael Hyatt’s post on morning rituals sooo much.  Read it here, I did this faithfully a few years ago and it became a habit that has stuck with me.  This morning I did not follow my ritual.  Started late and never caught up.  Argh.

I don’t beat myself up, but I do learn from it and purpose to get back to the ritual tomorrow.  Another tactic I’ll put in place is to restart my evening ritual.  The saying is true – if you end your day well, you’ll start your day well.

Today, I spent time doing:

  1. Morning devotion with my wife
  2. meals with the family
  3. took my two oldest daughters to get new glasses with their new prescriptions
  4. planning marketing activities for business ventures
  5. reading kids a bed time story

What I liked about today:

  • spending an extended time doing errands with my daughters
  • creatively thinking about business
  • fitting in the morning devotion even though we got a late start
  • ending the day earlier than recent nights

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