Better routines are key

Started this day much better and without an alarm. I’ve actually been able to wake up at the right time without an alarm a few times this past week.  I’ve been amazed at what reducing stress and morning obligations does to my quality of sleep.  It’s going to be interesting to see how I maintain this going forward.

Today was a blast – I had a lot of workout partners today so I moved it upstairs to the play room.  Completed Nick’s Fire workout with all but my 2 littlest kids.  #lovebeinginvolved

Not the most flattering of pics but, hey, it’s real life. Taken at the end of the work out during the cool down phase.  The kids had a blast!

Tomorrow I’m offline for a day away.  Going snowshoeing and looking forward to the solitude and snow-filled mountains.

Today, I spent time doing:

  1. Morning devotions with my wife
  2. 4 oldest kids to PE at the YMCA
  3. 35 min plyo and HIIT workout
  4. Fulfilling orders on an online store I’m managing and fielding some customer support (not ideal)
  5. 2 out of 3 meals with the family
  6. Date night with my second oldest daughter

What I like about today:

  • Working out with the kids
  • date night
  • seeing orders starting to come in in the midst of my recalibration window.  Lots of meditation on how God brings the increase and if He’s in it than it will succeed
  • Being able to give my wife a couple hours of alone time at home with the two youngest while I had the older kids at the Y

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